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Lacotebelge, your guide for vacation rentals, apartments, houses as well as Bed & Breakfast accomodations

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How can this site help me?

Some people prefer to make a direct contact with the owner of a vacation accomodation, cut out the middle man, and rent directly.
Others prefer to use an easy, streamlined and anonymous online booking system.
Lacotebelge brings both options together and gives you the choice! You can check out, and then go directly to the owner site
Search engines will consistently rank owner's sites very low (if at all), but Lacotebelge shows all of them

Book directly with the home owner
Use an online booking provider
Getting the price Need to search the owner website
but you can ask a discount or an extra service
Check the price easily for your dates
What the home owner gets 100% of the rental price 75%-85% of the rental price
Booking experience Depends on the owner website and responsiveness Smooth, easy, immediate
Booking confidentiality 100% confidential
Not confidential at all
He will remember all of your vacation preferences..forever.

What types of vacation accomodation will I find on this site?

Any place to stay! Studios, appartments, vacation homes, villas, bed and breakfast places, hotels

How do I use this site?

1. Navigate the map of Belgium to get to the area where you want to holiday (the coast, Flanders, or Wallonia).
2. Check out the meaning of the symbols (for example "2" = 2-bedroom appartment)
3.Click on a vacation accomodation to see more detail in the sidepanel.
4.If you like it, carry on to either the owners website or to

Should I worry about scams and fake rentals?

Not really...because it is not possible to submit a fake advertisement to Lacotebelge. We only reference the original owner's websites.
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